About Jan Tern
– The Stress Exit Man

Jan Tern is one of Sweden’s most hired lecturers in the field of how to successfully
manage stress and he is also one Swedens three Certified Speaking Professionals.

Successful change

With a broad background in the Learning and IT Industry, for example being the training lead in many global IT projects, Jan knows how to get people to adapt to new ideas in both soft skills and technology by changing mindsets and behaviors.

He is good at seeing the potential in new ideas methods and technology and can easily explaining to others how they can benefit from it and use it in the best way. This skill has been asked for by many companies to have a smooth transformation into new ways of working and thinking.


CSP, Volvo Group & 40 000

With experience of both having worked with stress and of having been an inch from ending up in fatigue syndrome, he knows what he is talking about and has saved others from ending up in fatigue syndrome.

The magazine Konferensvärlden has ranked Jan as a ”top five” speaker in the field of health / stress. He also holds the highest designated certification in the speaking industry: Certified Speaking Professional. Today there are only three Swedish people holding this certification and less than 1000 people worldwide.

He has been the person responsible for developing and put wellbeing on the agenda for Volvo Group and has written eleven books. Eight have been on personal and organizational development and have been sold in more than 40 000 copies.

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